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Commission: Flamerunner Triple by Longsword97

Firerod Blaze: A R63 of Flamerunner Sky Blazer: a unicorn who is a theft and Bloodmane: a OPed Alicorn OC who kills and eats ponies to ...

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Flamerunner Firestorm
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███████████████ 100%

Flamerunner's the name im the Elemental Pony of Fire i can use all types of fire at will my lowest body temp is 75'f and can go as hot as the 500'f im immune to all fire based spells but have a major weakness to water and a minor weakness to frost spells im also part of the Wonderbolts


Heres my plz icon


to use ya :-iconflamerunnerplz-: without the 2 - in it

to use my button get the code from here…


Flamerunner Dragon by x-Flamerunner-x
Flamerunner Dragon
my oc flamerunner as a dragon like the snow leapord version the cutie mark is on the front left leg in a way same place as it is on my arm irl

make with Dragon Maker by Wyndbain
Fallout 4 Sniper Pony by x-Flamerunner-x
Fallout 4 Sniper Pony
(Pony talkin to the zom...ghoul) ok sweety just chill out this will be over in a sic (BOOM HEADSHOT)

Using my main gun of mass destruction and a beta mlp race XD love the eyes in this shot
Fallout 4 Pony wants u to tell her a joke by x-Flamerunner-x
Fallout 4 Pony wants u to tell her a joke
meh bored plus new game = well

btw ya didnt here this from me but after this little mare left somehow diamond city became a graveyard anyone know what happen?

Repost this and help my friend out...

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 4:13 PM
Hey guys Happy Valentines day to everyone and I hope you enjoyed your day... I plead you guys please help me with this situation cause Deviantarts staff has fucked me over this time.

This may be my last post on my account at this point but DAs staff has blocked all my access to my account, market access, premium content, and as far as I can see I can no longer log into it cause they've forbidden me but before you go saying I dun fucked up read the paragraph below.

I've been on my DA for three long years.. Why you may ask? Cause I love it here I love making my art, making my stories, showing it to everyone here and getting all the feedback ove needed all my life this place has made my life so much better that.. I'm really happy I'm here... Till I logged on today and got a message from the staff saying I voided their contract... But this is partially only true in the context that I let a fellow Deviant log into my account to set up the setup you see it is now. The same girl has done nothing wrong but I have her permission to access my DA to do minor transactions. Why you ask? Cause my connection to my laptop is so bad I'm stranded on my mobile version. So there was no way I could do anything on it that required a computer at it. This voids the contract yes but nothing that major. Deviantart if you look at the IP address that accesses this account you'll see its my account, my hard work, my years of dedication, I put into this account no one else not an alternate. This was literally the only way I could make any kind of money that I needed to survive and the rediculious part is that I've only started making enough to support myself this month and you go and take it away now I have no other revenue for any sort of money.

Please repost this and help me get my account back... It means so very much to me and please DeviantArt staff unban me I never did anything wrong, anything devious nor anything malicious. I plead it to be reactivated so I can access everything. I want my life here please... It was just a stupid little thing a simple mistake and you try and ban me from it on the day I try to upload my art and stuff I love doing here... Just please listen to me DA is all I have please.

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DizzyChangeling Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
I'm just here for the food.
x-Flamerunner-x Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
(Gets a can of bug spray)
DizzyChangeling Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
You realize aerosol spray + fire = explosion. I have a tough carapace, but you'll screw yourself over.
x-Flamerunner-x Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
meh damn bug fine (sets u on fire)
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WarthogS117 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey m8, wondered if I may be able to make a comic about Scarlets escape.
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